The Club

Seven Hills JuJitsu ClassSeven Hills Ju Jitsu Academy is a Sheffield based Ju Jitsu club. We teach proven, practical, traditional Japanese self defence techniques and train in a friendly relaxed atmosphere at a tempo to suit the individual.

We teach a syllabus that includes a wide range of self defence techniques, authentic Japanese training, and fitness. Our aim is to give you the ability to defend yourself, expose you to new ideas and concepts, as well as offering some great fit & active fun! You can learn Ju Jitsu in a safe, friendly and structured environment. We are thoroughly regulated & insured, and operate a detailed syllabus focused around the student. Classes are open to everyone regardless of age or fitness.

We are one of only a few clubs in the country to teach the Samurai’s weapon system: including katana, bo, nunchuku and sai. We also train in and teach Kata, the revered and complex training patterns of movements that are used to achieve perfection of form.

Even the shortest journey begins with a single step so take this opportunity to get in touch. Starting your road down the true path of the Samurai is easier than you think!