March 2017 gradings

On March 25th we had our first grading of 2017 held at Rainbow Forge school.

The results were very pleasing, already improving on last year’s results with a high number of students achieving Honours & Credit across a number of JuJitsu, Kata and Kobudo disciplines. We also had a great result in our Little Dragon section with Nyah achieving Honours.

Several people graded for the first time, and it’s great to see progress.

Grading photo : 2015-03-25

Grading photo : 2015-03-25

Well done all, let’s keep the standard up!

December 2016 Dan gradings

Congratulations to all those who took their Dan gradings this december.

Josh Middleton, Mattie Reay and Luke Tupper all passed Junior Shodan, with Mike Reay passing his 2nd Dan Kobudo.

Josh Middleton, Mattie Reay and Luke Tupper get junior Shodan

Anthony also achieved 2nd Dan JuJitsu.

Anthony is awarded 2nd Dan

Good work all involved; these grades were well earned!

B.A.I International course with Stefano Mancini 8/9th October 2016

On the 8th and 9th of October Sensei Stefano Mancini and Sensei Andrea Duran gave two courses for the B.A.I which were well attended by Seven Hills JuJitsu.

On the 8th, there was an advanced course for black belts and above at the Honbu Dojo. This covered advanced locking and control techniques. High level courses are often challenging and a little special, and this was no exception. The course offered some great locks, combinations and throws for the Dan grades to enjoy.

B.A.I Master class - Honbu Dojo

The next day, an International Course was held in Lincoln. This was a great course for all levels, with content including several kobudo weapons as well as some of the Sensei Mancini’s ju-jijtsu techniques. This was a great success, with demonstrations from several students. Clubs from all around the UK attended, as well as a visit from some Norwegian students as well.

A wonderful weekend was had by all, and many thanks to Senseis Manchini and Duran for their teaching!

B.A.I International Course - Lincoln

Sheffield Club Course – July 17th 2016

The annual Sheffield club course was held at Clifford school on 17th July and covered a number of different topics including pressure points, multiple strikes, wakizashi techniques, enbos and nunchaku. It was pleasing to see so many people from outside Sheffield coming together to learn. I had a lot of fun… I hope you all did too?

Thank you

Renshi John Hallam

Sheffield Club Course – July 17th 2016

Black Belt Update – July 2016

Following the success of three of our students at the Black Belt gradings on July 2nd we are pleased to anounce that we have had two more students promoted to Shodan on the 7th July. Rick and Richard unfortunately could not attend the Federation gradings, so they had to perform at a private grading again held at the Honbu. Both passed again with flying colours upholding the standard of the Seven Hills Ju Jitsu Academy. Well done to both of you.

Black Belt Gradings – July 2016

On the 2nd July the Black belt grading were held at the Hombu in Chesterfield. We had 3 students representing Seven Hills who all passed their respective belts with flying colours. Jane was promoted to Shodan, Jack was promoted to Nidan and our oldest club student, Brian, was promoted to Yondan. We are extremely proud of them all.

Jane achieves Dan gradeSensei Jack grades successfullySensei Brian grades successfully

Yorkshire Area Grading – June

Today saw our students take their gradings in Ju Jitsu, Kobudo, Kick Jutsu and our new Little Dragons. We had excellent results all round and can’t be more proud of our little ones as they lit up the room. Keep up the good work guys and let’s see if we can deliver a similar standard in September.

The Sheffield Dragons grading

Black Belt Success – December 2015

Martyn and Ruth became the latest Seven Hills JuJitsu members to achieve their Shodan grades (Black Belt). Sensei Mike was also awarded his Nidan in Kobudo (2nd degree Black Belt).

Congratulations to them all; These are hard grades to take and we’re all proud of them!

Sensei Mike Nidan KobudoMartyn & Ruth Shodan

Site Launch

The new website has finally been launched.

There’s been so much on in Seven Hills JuJitsu, and it’s an exciting time. What with the upcoming gradings (Kyu grade and Dan grade), as well as planned courses it’s been tough to stay on top of things. However – the site has come together and will be a great resource for us all.

The plan is to start adding more content over 2016, including videos and articles.