Jodie performs a shoulder lock on JackAs you continue to train, we will grade you according to our syllabus. A beginner starts at white belt, and progresses through various colours to black belt (Shodan). A true martial artist’s training is never complete, and many view the black belt as the start of your true learning. Beyond black belt, the various dan grades progress in a very similar style.

To ensure high standards we are graded by senior grading officers within the Bushido Academies International. These gradings will test your knowledge in depth.

Inevitably people will always ask: “How long does it take to get to black belt?”. This is an impossible question to answer, as it depends on the ability and dedication of the person in question. As a rule of thumb, based around someone who trains twice a week it usually takes between 3-4 years. Progress at lower grades is deliberately quick, eventually slowing as the syllabus changes focus. To study between two different levels of dan can take many years.

Grading dates are listed on the Events page