A throwJuJitsu is a practical martial art based around locks, throws and pins. It is a very well researched and ancient form of self defence that has history stretching back thousands of years into Japanese history.

JuJitsu offers an excellent set of self-defence techniques and principles. It is a so-called soft martial art. JuJitsu literally means the “art of softness”, or “way of yielding”, and it is based around the principle of using an attacker’s energy against him, rather than directly opposing it. Clever movements and techniques mean that it is possible to defend and counter attackers much stronger or larger than you. It is suitable for people of all sizes and ages; we have regular students younger than 6 and older than 60.

Seven Hills JuJitsu teaches Bushido, or The Path of the Samurai. This means that as well as unarmed combat we teach Kobodu, the art of traditional weapons including Katana, Nunchuku, Bo and Sai.

You can find out more about JuJitsu and its history on this site, but the best way to learn would be to come to one of our classes!